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Evolve stands for EVIdence Inspired Organisations,
Listening, and Valuing Everyone.

Organisations with sustainable approaches to workplace wellbeing achieved this by evolving their wellbeing approach over time. Listening to the wellbeing concerns of their employees and responding appropriately with genuine concern for employees is a massive part of this task.
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‘Aligning to thrive’ is central to making workplace wellbeing a sustainable, embedded, evolving practice in your business. The paths towards ensuring the people in your business thrive and that your business itself thrives long-term are the same paths.

Find out more about ‘Aligning to thrive’ in our comprehensive guide and review your business’ progress with our question prompts.

A long time ago we realised that if people come to work and they enjoy what they do… it gives the place a bit of a buzz…. The higher performing companies are companies where people are actually enjoying their work and they bring quite a lot of their personality to work. And if they are enjoying what they do, and they have space to think and be creative, then that's when the really cool stuff happens. Whereas if people are working long hours and wellbeing is not a matter of priority, then it becomes not a very nice place to work. And all three directors have all worked in those kind of places before and we are all quite keen that we never become that kind of place.

Manager of a small company

Through coaching conversations … I often ask the question 'what do you need to stop doing?’ That usually starts the conversation. I sometimes ask the question ‘what do you do - what does your typical day look like?’ or I do get into a little bit of personal relationships around what is going on at home or things like that. I think you can generally get a sense from people’s tone and level of anxiety, body language around whether people are finding it hard or struggling. And I just get into it, I don't think there is any one technique I use. I tell a lot of stories about my experience, I am open about what I have done differently and what I was getting wrong and I hope that helps. So, I also share stories of what I see other people doing.

Line manager at a pharmaceutical organisation
Dialogue is so important for workplace wellbeing. Without this listening it is hard for any organisation to know what is going on for the workforce, what they need and whether any wellbeing initiatives are succeeding.

Find out more about ‘The importance of dialogue’ in our comprehensive guide and review your business’ progress with our question prompts.

Commitment to workplace wellbeing is important from all areas of the company, but senior leader endorsement makes a big difference. Commitment is just one of the 5 C’s – principles that help you take a discerning eye to your business and take action to improve. Find out more under ‘A discerning eye’ in our comprehensive guide and review your business’ progress with our question prompts.

If you look at the tone of the emails we get from senior management which come out at least once a fortnight whether its M or G* or any of the senior people, even from [the international parent company] it’s all ‘look after our people, be kind to them, make sure they are doing the right things’. The culture is pretty much the same. And hopefully by doing that success comes.

Worker from a financial services company


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