Use our guided self-assessment tool to evolve your workplace wellbeing approach.


From ‘What now??!’ to ‘What if…?’:A comprehensive guide to exploring and embedding workplace wellbeing

This guided self-assessment tool draws on extensive research to dispel myths and show what really makes a difference to workplace wellbeing. It:

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What does workplace wellbeing look like in practice?

Workplace wellbeing embedded

In businesses where people are thriving, supported by the organisation to feel and perform well, we see:

Workplace wellbeing NOT embedded

In those businesses where people are not supported by the organisation to feel and perform well, we see:

Why is this guide unique?

There are plenty of guides out there already that talk about specific programmes or initiatives that businesses can implement to improve wellbeing. There are also guides to planning and project management for effective delivery. The explore and embed approach is different.

The explore and embed approach is an ecosystem approach to thinking about workplace wellbeing. It’s not about how you implement any single initiative, like a healthy eating policy or making counselling available to workers through your EAP. It’s about how you get the whole organisation pulling in one direction – you can work together for thriving people, thriving business.

This guide does not provide a plan for you to work through A to B. It recognises that sustaining workplace wellbeing within an organisation is a continuous, evolving process and at any one point, what you need most is to identify a ‘way in’ to making more positive change. This guide offers multiple different ‘ways in’, asking you to zoom in and out as you look at your organisation, to really look at workplace wellbeing differently.

Explore and Embed

What is the Explore and Embed approach?

The explore and embed approach is broken down into five sections that you can visit in any order and at any time, again and again, as your wellbeing process evolves over months and then years.

These are distilled from scientific evidence collected in surveys, via in-depth conversations with managers, HR professionals and workers in large and small organisations as they rolled out new wellbeing initiatives over time, and via systematic analysis of many studies. They are brought here together for the first time….

You can explore and embed via:


Why is it important to pay attention to workplace wellbeing? – Building the narrative aligning wellbeing and productivity in your organisation.


How do you go about building a wellbeing approach? – Building the will and finding the time to set out on a positive path to wellbeing.


Who can play a part?
– Enlisting the involvement of senior leaders, people-focussed professionals and the wider workforce in your organisation’s wellbeing efforts.


What do we need to do?
Achieving continuous development through listening, imagining, piloting and evolving.


How will we know if things are going well?
Reviewing all progress against key principles (communication, coherence, creativity, consistency, commitment)

Each section offers:

best use of the guide

How to make best use of the guide?

The suggestions in this guide are evidence-based, drawing on a wide variety of scientifically published and in-progress research work with varied organisations. If you are interested in what underpins this synthesis visit our News and Publications page, or for more detail, visit our UEA team’s full listings of papers and reports.

Use the questions in each section flexibly according to your own time and needs. Dip in and out or work through sequentially. Use it to give you a quick overview on your own, or work with a group of colleagues to do a more in-depth review.

Any of the five sections below can be used as a team or a group exercise, as an activity during planning or away days, internal training sessions, workshops or any time you want to discuss how your business is doing on wellbeing. Building your people strategy is an ongoing and evolving process. This type of discussion is necessary because even if you have KPIs, metrics, absence scores or service usage reports, these do not capture all the complexity that comes when truly understanding the health and wellbeing of your colleagues.

If you only have 10 minutes, pick one question, and jot down what comes to your mind as you are reading our examples. Set yourself a calendar reminder to pick up and read your jotted notes again soon or discuss them with a colleague.

This is your tool – so use it to help you think, reflect, discuss, engage others, plan or act as you see fit.

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Where to start?

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