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Keep learning and keep up-to-date. Here you can find out how to access our free online course or hear the latest workplace wellbeing insights via recordings of recent seminars and events.

Free course

Wellbeing at Work – A Resource
for Better Workplaces

This free course is the ideal introduction to wellbeing and performance at work. Evidence-informed and easy to work through at your own pace, the course covers:
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The course is hosted by Studious – digital education provider – via their learning platform ‘Ryze’.

To access the course, go to or download the Ryze App for free and tap on “Wellbeing at Work”. If you’d like to see a taster before you access the course, click here.


Videos, seminars and events

Dr Helen Fitzhugh introduces the diagnostic guide at the toolkit launch

Dr Helen Fitzhugh gives an overview of the Evolve Toolkit at the launch event

Professor Kevin Daniels gives an overview of our Workplace Wellbeing Research

Professor Dame Carol Black launches the Evolve Workplace Wellbeing toolkit

NHS staff wellbeing: what works and the case for investment

Adapting management approaches for wellbeing and performance

How one organisation (EMCOR UK) approached collecting evidence on workplace wellbeing (recorded at live event)

Making a business case for a workplace wellbeing programme

Managing remote work: An evidence-based checklist for wellbeing and productivity

How to improve frontline work (4 Boosts for frontline workers)



How learning to manage remotely can make you a better manager.

Ways to wellbeing: implementing them in your workforce.

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