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Use our Cost Effectiveness calculator to help make a business case for wellbeing initiatives in the workplace. It illustrates the benefits of different types of wellbeing initiatives via improved employee wellbeing and boosts to productivity. As far as possible, the calculator gives benefits and costs in pounds and pence, allowing a direct comparison to aid decision making.

Business cost effectiveness calculator


Initiatives description - data

These initiatives include support and counselling to overcome alcohol and tobacco addiction.
These initiatives include access to facilities, support and provision of physical activities.
These initiatives include nutrition and dieting information/advice, and options to help with healthy eating.
These initiatives include health clinics, nurse advice, vaccinations, disease management and prevention.
These initiatives include wellness days, mental health training/coaching/counselling and provision of information/workshops.
These initiatives include stress management, relaxation classes, time management, work-life balance, and sleep/fatigue management training.
These initiatives include apps and online coaching which target lifestyle changes and incentivise healthy behaviours.
These initiatives include financial wellbeing course and programmes.
These initiatives include volunteering or charity work.

If you are not aware of the above, please tick the box below - UK National Average will be used.
If you are not aware of the above, please tick the box below - UK National Average will be used.

The calculator explained

The calculator allows you to choose from a broad range of initiatives which aim to encourage healthy behaviours, such as:

alcohol or smoking reduction, improved physical fitness, healthier eating & health checks; and others which aim to support mental health and wellbeing, such as mental health, mindfulness, wellbeing apps, financial wellbeing & workplace volunteering.

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Wellbeing effects

The calculator shows the estimated wellbeing effects that might arise in a workplace that offers the selected initiative. This includes the benefits per employee of improved physical or mental health and job satisfaction.

Improvements to productivity

The calculator will also estimate the value to the business of any improvements to productivity that arise due to reduced absenteeism or presenteeism per employee. These are estimated by the savings from reductions in time lost which are either evaluated at the average weekly wage for the UK or the user can supply their own wage information.

Wellbeing and productivity: Can employees design their jobs better than the boss? (

Indicative costs

The calculator will provide indicative costs associated with offering each type of initiative and any net savings per worker that might be expected due to improved productivity.

Employer benefits

The wellbeing and productivity benefits will depend upon whether employees are aware that their employer provides these initiatives and also upon how widely used they are within the organisation. The calculator allows the user to see what benefits may arise if there is greater awareness of the initiative.

Effective programmes

Finally, the calculator will provide details of which sorts of programmes are typically more effective.

Interested in finding out more?

This calculator has been developed using insights from Britain’s Healthiest Workplace Survey, and analyses conducted by Ritchie Woodard, Sara Connolly, Emike Nasamu (University of East Anglia) and Martin Stepanek (Vitality).

Participation in the survey is free and comes with a free in-depth report from Vitality on your current position and how to make improvements in workplace health and wellbeing provision. Run by Vitality, you can register to take part in the survey here.

In depth discovery

This simple calculator is based on an earlier version which was developed to help evaluate wellbeing initiatives which can be found here.

If you would like to hear one of the creators discussing the process of calculating cost-effectiveness in depth, watch this video of a recorded live event on the process: ‘Making a business case for a workplace wellbeing programme’ watch on YouTube.

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