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Launch of the Evolve Workplace Wellbeing Network

This is an archive page from Spring 2023. To sign up to the network, please visit the updated version of this page. 


The Evolve Workplace Wellbeing free, evidence-informed workplace wellbeing toolkit draws upon the latest research and insider insights so that you can take action to help your business evolve and thrive. However, we know that producing a resource is not always the full story. We want to support you, as businesses, to make use of the toolkit and hear what successes and challenges you experience during that journey. The Evolve Workplace Wellbeing Network exists to bring people together around excellent practice on workplace wellbeing.

In summer 2022, we launched the Network as part of an evaluation of how businesses implement the Evolve findings in their own contexts. The invitation to apply to the Network was therefore open for those taking part in the research study. The study runs until the end of July 2023, so anyone applying now would be welcome, but would only benefit from 4 months of office hours and one online networking and insight session. If you would still like to do so, please follow the instructions below.

However – please note we are still inviting expressions of interest from anyone who would like to join the Network from August 2023 onwards, without joining up to the research study. If that is you, please follow the instructions below and send us an email marked as August 2023 application.

We are offering:

  • A yearly discussion group with our expert workplace wellbeing researchers, so the network can help set the agenda for our work as a network together.
  • Quarterly online research insight sessions, for network members only, giving you the chance to hear about the latest research, get answers to your questions and – in a networking session at the end – discuss new ideas with researchers and like-minded managers, HR practitioners and business owners from the network.
  • Optional dedicated monthly office hours (you choose whether to book in) with our knowledge exchange fellow, when you can ask what research there is on any workplace wellbeing related topic.
  • Access to the private LinkedIn group for the Network for further interaction with other members.
  • Occasional additional or early booking opportunities for our wider range of research-into-practice events on workplace wellbeing.

We ask:

  • That those who apply engage with the network regularly. This is not strict and does not mean you have to attend every session (we know people are busy!), it means making use of at least some of the engagement opportunities offered to you so as not to leave a space empty that someone else could have used.

There is a full information sheet on the research study element of this network offering (until 31st July 2023) available here. Please read this to understand the full process:

If you would like to apply:

Please send an email to headed ‘Join Network (research study)’ or ‘Join Network (after August 2023)’ containing the following information:

  • Your full name, job title, place of work
  • The number of employees you manage and the number in your organisation overall
  • Your assessment of where your organisation currently is on the workplace wellbeing journey in a couple of sentences.
  • Whether you are happy that – as far as is possible to know in advance – you will be able to participate in the network activities?
  • One question you might like to ask our team?
  • Attach your consent form (if applying for immediate inclusion).

We look forward to hearing from you. Any questions prior to applying, please contact

Notes: We generally only accept one person per business (unless there are very distinct regional or departmental differences), so please think about who would be best placed to take up this offer. We can work with participants from any sector – businesses, public sector organisations, charities and social enterprises. However, we can unfortunately not take NHS participants for the research study element, due to extra requirements for ethical clearance working with NHS workers. We are working with the NHS separately in a different way. Please note that this offer does not constitute business advice – the purpose of the sessions, office hours and group chats are to offer participants the very latest insight into workplace wellbeing research in the context of discussion with their peers.

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