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Evolve Workplace Wellbeing podcast launches!

We love bringing you insight from the world of workplace wellbeing research so much that we have launched a regular podcast series!

Every six weeks a member of our team will introduce you to a new piece of research related to workplace wellbeing and to someone whose life experience puts a human face on that same research topic.

The podcast series is available on all the main podcast directories (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc.) and is being indexed by Google Podcasts as we speak! Feel free to access it when and how you like (a full list of podcast directories where it is available is given at the end of this piece). Subscribe to be notified of our latest release every six weeks.

You could alternatively listen direct from our hosting service Buzzsprout:

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For the first in the series, Professor Kevin Daniels, who leads the University of East Anglia’s Workplace Wellbeing Research team, kicks off the Evolve Workplace Wellbeing podcast series by talking with Emma Mitchell, Talent Director at EY. They discuss what works in supporting people with disabling long-term health conditions to stay in work, based on recent research by Helen Musgrove and Emma’s personal experience.

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