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Evaluation and Next Steps


As many of you will know – our team’s work has been evaluated this spring / summer by Dr Nicola Murray. We are delighted to report that the evaluation is complete and that the findings are overwhelmingly positive. We also have some excellent suggestions to take forward in the future. Thank you to all who took part!

You can download and read Nicola’s evaluation report here: Evolve Evaluation Report 2023.

Here are just a few quotes to give you a flavour of the report…

“A go-to resource if you’re in the work of wellbeing and engagement. I class it as a go-to place to understand the latest thinking.”

“I thought [the Evolve intensive workshops] were brilliant, they’re very thought provoking. It led us to challenge ourselves and we came away thinking about, am I doing this the right way, perhaps I should be doing things different. And I guess it just gave us a bit of a stop and a time to think about it.”

“I really did think the networking for me was great. So being amongst like-minded individuals that are freed, in a safe space to actually go, do you know what, hands up, we haven’t done anything here, we’re stuck, we don’t know where to start. So I think giving that safe space for people to do that was really good.”

We will be working through the recommendations over the next 6 months. To start – we have begun making changes to our website to help you navigate our resources better.

If you want to get up to speed quickly on what Evolve can offer you, watch our introductory videos.

If you want to quickly find and download resources, visit our resources page.

If you have not yet listened to one of our podcasts, check out all the different podcast directories we are available on via our Buzzsprout Podcast page.

Next steps:

  • Later in the year, we will be opening the doors of the Evolve Workplace Wellbeing Network again to new members and re-starting researcher office hours for all members
  • We will also be doing additional free workshops and webinars funded by the PrOPEL Hub
  • We will be working on new evidence-based resources to share with you, translating cutting edge research into tools for practice.

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